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Signatures for A National License to The Cochrane Library for Canada

ID First Name Last Name Comments Province
76 LisaTjosvold   Alberta
77 DavidMoher Badly needed! Ontario
78 AllisonMcArthur The Cochrane Library is an invaluable resource for health researchers! Free access for Canadians is long overdue. Ontario
79 MarkErwin It is imperative that health professionals be granted access to the Cochrane Collection in order to assure the delivery of evidence-based best practices. Please make these changes to remove the financial barrier to access Ontario
80 RogerSalus   AB
81 LindaSlater   Alberta
82 EliseCogo   Ontario
83 RégisBlais Accéder à de l'information scientifique de qualité est aussi important pour la santé qu'accéder à de l'eau potable ou de l'air pur. Québec
84 EddyLang Great initiative Quebec
85 TanyaVoth   Alberta
86 RoandaPretorius Agree to have Cochrane available to all provinces in Canada ON
87 HeidiClavet   Ont
88 AnneSales   Alberta
89 francelegare excellent initiative quebec
90 BrianRowe   AB
91 ErikHess   Ontario
92 SharonCaughey   ON
93 DorianDeshauer With increasing direct to consumer advertising, consumers have a right to high quality information in making their own choices. Cochrane offers an opportunity for every Canadian to make informed decisions based on the highest quality information. Ontario
94 HeidiDeal   NS
95 GeorgeTasca   Ontario
96 DavidCassidy Evidence-based health care should be a public right. Ontario
97 NancyDudek   Ontario
98 EricJackson   Ontario
99 LorraineToews   Alberta
100 LanceNordstrom The Cochrane Library would be a valuable resource for Canadian consumers and a national license is strongly supported. British Columbia