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Signatures for A National License to The Cochrane Library for Canada

ID First Name Last Name Comments Province
26 NormaFreeman   Ontario
27 KaitrynCampbell   Ontario
28 LaurenGriffith An invaluable resources to clinicians and policy makers Ontario
29 LizWhamond Every citizen has a right to the most up-to-date evidence on health care. We need to join progressive countries. New Brunswick
30 AllanGotlib   Ontario
31 BeckySkidmore   ON
32 margelliott As a health care consumer, I want access to this valuable info source....it is essential for informed self-management of my disease. new brunswick
33 DorothyForbes good luck! ON
34 PatriciaColton   Ontario
35 DougSalzwedel All Canadians, whether health professionals, patients, or caregivers, need access to the Cochrane Library in order to make evidence-informed healthcare decisions. Ontario
36 MarroonThabane   Ontario
37 KaraThompson   New Brunswick
38 BrookeBallantyne   British Columbia
39 CathyRayment All health professionals in the province of BC are licensed to use the Cochrane databases (through Ovid), but it would be terrific if ALL citizens were able to use this. We allow people who come into our library to use the Cochrane databases if they ask. BC
40 AlisonStirling   Ontario
41 HeatherGanshorn This is one of those "one-stop" shopping resources where health care practitioners can get clear, evidence-based answers to common clinical questions. Canadians contribute research to the Cochrane Database, and Canadians should have access. Alberta
42 DavidLau The Cochrane library is an extremely valuable resource and having free, open access through the internet is essential to the academic community in Canada. Alberta
43 TeresaPrior Connecting Canadian health librarians and health professionals with top quality health information! Cochrane Library is a great first step to getting quality health information into the hands of health professionals. BC
44 SusanPowelson Canadians need access to the best information possible to make informed health care decisions. Saskatchewan
45 MaryGaudette   Saskatchewan
46 AlisonFarrell   NL
47 SandiPniauskas In our community of cancer patients, the value of 'english' language information provided by Cochrane cannot be underestimated. Our Canadian Cancer patients cannot, in many cases, absorb those costs. Ontario
48 MeganCrouch   British Columbia
49 MargaretQuirie   Ontario
50 CathyMacLean   Ontario