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Signatures for A National License to The Cochrane Library for Canada

ID First Name Last Name Comments Province
1 Mary EllenSchaafsma The value is clear; Canada needs this information for evidence informed health care decision-making! Ontario
2 LisaMcGovern   Ontario
3 JeremyGrimshaw National access to the Cochrane Library (and other evidence based resources) is essential if citizens, patients, healthcare professionals and policy makers are to make informed decisions about healthcare. Ontario
4 RoseClements   Nova Scotia
5 PatrickEllis   Nova Scotia
6 marilynsherman   NB
7 AnnieNoble   NS
8 FranceCarrier   nb
9 JanetteSchaafsma Surely if almost half the world's citizens have free access to the Cochrane Library, Canada ought to be among that number. British Columbia
10 TamaraRader   Ontario
11 BettySutherland It is essential that all Canadians have easy access to this vital resource. Nova Scotia
12 CarrieBurke   Nova Scotia
13 DawnHooper   Prince Edward Island
14 AlanCassels   BC
15 MichaelColborne   Nova Scotia
16 KateO'Brien   NS
17 JohnMacDonald   Ontario
18 PatrickFarmer   NS
19 JimHenderson Canada should both license Cochrane for all citizens and lead the world by translating the content into French. Quebec
20 SusanPickett   NB
21 AndreaCunningham   NB
22 LesleyCarruthers   Nova Scotia
23 ShelleyMcKibbon   Nova Scotia
24 MichelineJaworski   Ontario
25 LisaLittle   ON